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Peter & Barbara Ziek
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Starter Package 1 - 3 Gelded Males

This is a starter package for new alpaca enthusiasts who do not want to become breeders. It is a package of fiber production or companion animals. We have included three males in a variety of colors so you can have more options when considering use of their fiber. Individually these males sell for $...


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Starter Females

These three older proven females provide different bloodlines and different colors for a diverse starter herd. All will come with a breeding to any of our wholly owned males that you choose. This includes several multiple-color champions. These girls have produced white, brown, and rose grey offs...


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Intact Males

These three males will provide a variety of colors for you, and they are all intact if you want to use them as breeding males. We have had three offspring from two of these males, and they have all been nice. We have decided that these males will not improve our herd, so we are selling them as tho...


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Intact but unproven males

This package contains three nice males that can be used as breeding males for a starter herd or a farm that does not plan to show animals. All three males are intact, but we have not been able to use them as breeding males, because they will not make a major improvement to our herd. You are gettin...


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Proven Grey Females

These are three older grey females that are retaining their fineness, and come with a breeding to any wholly owned male on our farm. You get to choose the breeding. The females have different bloodlines to provide diversity to your herd. Bandita is grade 2 at 11 yrs, Geisha is grade 2 at 11 yrs, ...


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