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About TxOLAN

The TxOLAN Alpaca Association is a regional affiliate of the national Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA). TxOLAN is comprised of alpaca owners and other interested individuals from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico.

2021 How To Register

How to register for our February Shows

It is a little bit of a different procedure to register for a double show format.   You do need to register twice to make sure you register for both shows.  Please follow the procedures below to make sure you are registered for both shows if that is your intent.



Registering for the TXOLAN Sweetheart Spectacular and/or 
TXOLAN Bluebonnet Stakes
Step by Step

Some key considerations

  • Before beginning Registration, you will want to be well versed with the 2020 Show System Handbook which can be read online in PDF format at this link. It is especially important to read this information so that you will conform to all AOA Show requirements. 
  • Next, be sure to have your originalRegistry Certificates for each Alpaca; the holographic seal on the form must be from the original. These Certificates must be scanned (or an image otherwise captured) and electronically  uploaded in the Registration for each Alpaca or Fleece. Our Show Superintendent, Judy Schroeder, is available for help at: Show.Super.Schroeder@gmail.com, or 540-797-1985, if needed.
  • Also, a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection [CVI] (commonly called a Health Certificate) is required. You MUST obtain this CVI from your Veterinarian no earlier than 30 days before the show ending date and/ or your compete travel period. You will keep the original copy when you arrive at the show, and you must provide a photocopy to give to TXOLAN at the initial check-in stop. You will not be granted entrance into the show without this form when you arrive! 
    • Your CVI should contain:
      • Your Name and Address as the originator/consignor
      • The destination: J.S. Bridwell Agricultural Center, 111 N Burnett St, Wichita Falls, TX 76306
      • The date that the CVI was issued—no earlier than 30 days before the show date
      • Each Alpaca’s Microchip ID#, Registration #, Name, Age, Sex, Breed, BVDV Test Type & Result, BVDV Test Date, and BVDV Test Barcode/Accession Number
  • If you are transporting Alpacas across state lines to come to the TXOLAN Shows, be sure to be fully informed about interstate transport lawsthat apply to your travel. 
  • Novice and Small Breeder classes are integrated within the both the Bluebonnet Stakes and the Sweetheart Spectacular regular halter shows. A farm qualifies as a Novice Breeder if it has owned alpacas for 10 years or less. A farm qualifies as a Small Breeder if it has no more than 20 AOA registered females at the time of registration for that show.
  • Youth Performance Entries can compete for the Performance Champion Awardin each age category IF the contestant participates in all three events: Showmanship, Obstacle, and Public Relations.
  • You cannot successfully register for both shows in two different browser windows/tabs at the same time. Choose one show to begin your registration, close the window to the first show, then open a new window/tab to the other show after you are finished. You can always return to either show to add/change/delete items, but ALWAYS do so without having both shows open on your desktop at the same time.

Next, be sure to have (or previously entered) the following information for each Alpaca or fleece going to show.

  • Alpaca Name
  • AOA Reg. Number              
  • Microchip Number
  • Sire Name
  • Sire AOA Reg. Number
  • Dam Name
  • Dam AOA Reg. Number
  • Color
  • Date of Birth
  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Knowing which event each Alpaca or Fleece will be entered into:
    • Halter – Full Fleece
    • Novice Halter – Full Fleece
    • Production – Bred and Owned
    • Fleece Show
    • Walking Fleece Show
    • Companion Alpaca
  • Shearing Method
  • Date of This Shearing (Your last shearing before showing this Alpaca—this season)
  • Date of Last Shearing – if registering for the Fleece Show (Your previous shearing—two seasons ago) 

Registration — Step by Step…

  • ¨Navigate in your browser to Alpaca Show Registration System (alpacareg.com)[This is the same registration website for all Shows certified by AOA. It is privately owned and is not operated by AOA.]
  • ¨Select either TXOLAN Sweetheart Spectacular <OR> TXOLAN Bluebonnet Stakes from the Drop-Down menu. 
  • ¨Click the Blue “Enter Show” button
  • ¨On the next screen you will be prompted to“Enter your User Name and Password to login.”(NOTE: Your User Name and Password are the same for any show on this website. You do not create separate User Names and Passwords for the various shows you attend.)
  • ¨If this is your first time to use this site, select the prompt“Click here to create an accountand follow the steps. Be sure to save your User Name and Password in your Password List for future use. The “Remember me” checkbox is optional, albeit less secure.
  • ¨If you have forgotten your Password but you have already used this website before, select the promptForgot User Name or Password?”Be sure to save your User Name and Password in your Password List for future use. The “Remember me” checkbox is optional.
  • ¨Click on the Login Button
  • ¨Next you will be presented with a screen that details:
    • Your Account Information
    • Options to change your Contact Information, or your Password.
  • ¨YourAOA Membership Statusshould be marked “Valid .” If not, please follow the steps provided on the screen “for help on setting up your AOA membership status,” or to Link AOA Membership Accountto this website.
  • ¨There is a time-saving option you should select and complete: “Edit default values for common registration data.” When you select this option, you will be able to input values for “Default Handler”, “Default Shearing Method”, and “Default Name Badges” so that they auto-fill your selections. 
  • ¨Alpacas that you have shown at a recent prior show are accessible through “Manage my alpacas under my account” option. You may find this easier if you input new Alpacas into your list from this option before your begin the registration process. This is an optional step. You will be given the opportunity to add a new Alpaca in the registration process should you choose not to enter them at this point.
  • ¨In order to begin registration, it is best to “Fill out and submit the “Exhibitor Disclosure Form” link for each show before continuing. This form, the “AOA Exhibitor Disclosure Form,” lists the judging assignments for each show. [This link also appears at the bottom of the next page as well.]
    • Choose the appropriate bulleted response(s) in the “Exhibitor Disclosure Statement.
    • Check the next box if your Alpacas and/or Fleeces comply regarding the Rules. [These rules can be read at this linkafter you Log In to read the AOA Show System Handbook and Resources (alpacainfo.com)on the AOA website.]
    • After reading the “Important Notices,” type your Exhibitor Name (your name if appropriate) into the corresponding blank. The Farm Name should auto-fill. 
    • Finally, read and check the last box on the page.
    • Click the “Submit” button.

Whew!You are now finally able to “Click here to register for TXOLAN Sweetheart Spectacular! This click will take you to theWelcome to the Registration…page for whichever show you choose to register. 

NOTE: TXOLAN offers early discounts on registration rates for Members in the Halter, Production, Novice Halter, Walking Fleece, and Fleece Competitions, as well as Stall Discounts. However, registration must be made by 1/10/2021.

The Nitty Gritty Details…

You are not required to complete each section in the order presented.  

However, if you do, you are less likely to overlook something. 

The clickable sections are:

  • Halter or Production B&O or Novice Halter or Fleece or Walking Fleece Class or as a Companion
    • Add Alpaca to Halter or Production B&O or Novice Halter or Fleece or Walking Fleece Class or as a Companion



  • Optional Halter/Fleece Class
    • Get of Sire / Produce of Dam Class
      • Add an alpaca to the Get of Sire / Produce of Dam Class
    • Breeders Best Three Class
      • Add an alpaca to the Breeders Best Three Class
    • Fleece Get of Sire / Produce of Dam Class
      • Add an alpaca to the Fleece Get of Sire / Produce of Dam Class
  • Youth Performance Class
    • Add Child to Youth Performance Class
  • Vendor Space
    • Add/Edit Vendor Space
  • Stalls, Sponsors, Volunteering, Advertising, Education and Other
    • Add/Edit Stalls, Sponsors, Volunteering, Advertising, Education and Other
  • Upload Owner of Record for Show Entry Form(if applicable)
  • NEW: Fill out and submit the Exhibitor Disclosure Form ONLINE!!

Each of these sections are self-explanatory. The thing to keep in mind is that you are able to make changes to your registration until registration closes. Even then our Show Superintendent, Judy Schroeder, can be reached for help when needed at: Show.Super.Schroeder@gmail.com, or 540-797-1985.

Once you have started your Registration, there will be a Pay Buttonappear at the bottom of this page. You may pay online by using PayPal.  You do nothave to have a PayPal account to use this online option; you may choose to use a major credit or debit card by your choice on the screen. 

Another option is to mail a check to the TXOLAN Treasurer, Phil McMahon at 13350 FM 389, Burton, Texas 77835. 

NOTE: Your Registration and Stall Placement is not complete until your payment is received. If you register but do not pay at the same time, you are still able to return to the registration page to access the Pay Button up until Registration closes.