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About TxOLAN

The TxOLAN Alpaca Association is a regional affiliate of the national Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA). TxOLAN is comprised of alpaca owners and other interested individuals from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico.

2021 Volunteers



Current 2021 volunteer positions are listed below:  (RED LETTERS MEAN WE NEED ASSISTANCE)

There are many opportunities to volunteer for the show and they can be enjoyable and rewarding experiences.  TXOLAN takes great pride in their volunteers and anyone who volunteers a minimum of four hours of their time they will receive a recognition pin.

There are also Core Staff Positions that require you to be involved at some level prior to the show and/or for an extended amount of time.  Each Core Staff Position is a two-year commitment; the first year is as an apprentice and then the following year as the lead.  Fleece show follows this example.

You can learn more about volunteering by reading just a few of the position descriptions below.  Another excellent way to get details is to contact ask the person that has volunteered in years past (see list below) or by contacting the volunteer coordinator or a board member.

EVENT Coordinator – This position has been filled for 2020.  There will be future opportunities and we would like to discuss this with you at your convenience.  There will be a process to learn by following others.  For you info, this position is responsible for coordinating and planning the event in all aspects and to perform the task as committee chair for all committees.  Reports to the TXOLAN Board on progress and performs the task of any volunteer that is absent.  

VOLUNTEER Coordinator – HIGH PRIORITY TO FILL THIS POSITION!  Organizes the volunteers and recruits volunteers.  Works with each core staff member to identify the number of volunteers they require to fulfill their task.

REGISTRATION Desk Administrator -  This individual is responsible for the registration desk, process of the check in, information desk throughout the show, check out process, and assisting the Event coordinator with getting the show moving.

FLEECE Superintendent – This position is filled for 2019 though speak up now and you can work with us this year to learn for the future!  Is responsible for organizing and coordinating the fleece portion of the show.  They work with the Show Superintendent to estimate number of ribbons for ordering, make sure the judging station is as requested by the judges, check in the fleece, and make sure that TXOLAN is following the AOA rules on the fleece portion. Any fleece needing to be mailed back are handled by the Fleece Superintendent.

SPIN-OFF Coordinator – This position is filled for 2019 though speak up now and you can work with us this year to learn for the future!  This individual is responsible for coordinating the Handcrafter's Spin-off.  Receives entries from the Show Superintendent, weighs and bags entries in preparation for the judges.  Works with the judges to make sure that TXOLAN is following the AOA rules on the Handcrafter's Spin-off portion.  When judging is complete, this coordinator collects information with spun entries and prepares them for display at the show.  Any skeins needing to be mailed back are handled by the Spin-off Coordinator.

SHOW RING Administrator – We have a prospect for this position in 2019 though please let us know if you are interested.  The prospect may not be able to complete the role and even if they do we need interested individuals to train and learn the "tricks of the trade" to help improve our processes!!  This individual is responsible for coordinating and setting up the show ring and making sure that the positions are staffed.  They are second in command to the Show Superintendent and also responsible for getting the rings set up for obstacle and other performance classes.  They assist gatekeepers and ring stewards when required.

GATEKEEPERS - We may have a person for this in 2019 though need to know if you are interested until we have some confirmations!!  Are responsible for making sure everyone one is ready to enter the ring and in the appropriate order.

Ring Steward – Assist the judge in the ring, may be required to assist the handler in holding the animal and give them guidance in the ring standard.

PROGRAM Administrator – This position is filled for 2019 though speak up now and you can work with us this year to learn for the future!  Gathers all the ads and information for the program and gets it to the printer.

SILENT and LIVE Auction Administrator –  This position is filled for 2018 though speak up now and you can work with us this year to learn for the future!  This individual gathers donation items for the live and silent auction and works with the board to determine what is live auction versus silent.  They oversee the auction during the show and collections of the proceeds after.

FASHION Show Administrator (if applicable) -  We are currently NOT planning to have a fashion show in 2019 as we have added two other new events instead.  This coordinator handles any fashion show that is part of the event.  This means they are responsible for gathering the items, models, setting up the stage, and running the fashion show.  Most models are acquired from farm members participating in the show or vendors.

To contact a volunteer call or click on their link below.


Event Coordinator   Show Management Services - Kevin O'Leary rvalpacas@aol.com 603-616-6010
Volunteer Coordinator    open      
Advertising   Kevin O'Leary rvalpacas@aol.com 603-616-6010
 Silent Auction  Amy Yoste  Amy.yoste@gmail.com  972-741-0382
 Live & Herdsire Auction  Amy Yoste  Amy.ypste@gmail.com  972-741-0382
Barn Manager   Jim Conkle


Health Check Patti Maness, DVM manessvet@yahoo.com 405-387-5005
Check-in Joel & Julie Plummer hhomesteadalpacas@gmail.com 512-801-3644
Color Check   Gina Glasscock  gina@legendaryalpacas.com (469) 834-5504
Fleece Show Super   Lynn Betts  tejasalpacas@gmail.com  281-794-8603
Spin-off Supervisor Lynn Betts tejasalpacas@gmail.com  281-794-8603
Fiber Arts Supervisor Lynn Betts    
Performance (non-AOA)  Melissa Lehew dmlehew@hotmail.com 214-558-1204 
Photographer and Photo  Contest Judge  Regina Florence - JUDGE rl.florence@yahoo.com 325-203-1013
 Photo Contest Coordinator  Amy Yoste  amy.yoste@gmail.com  972-741-0382
Show Book  Cody Pulse codypulse@gmail.com 208-263-5235
Registration    Larry & Cyndie Ferguson (tent) ldfprojectmaster@msn.com  817-269-3997, 817-269-2464 
Show Announcer   Ann Burnette 


Show Ring    open     
Ring Stewards  open    
Ring Gatekeepers Peter Ziek pjziek@aol.com 719-495-6693
Show Superintendent   Judy Schroeder show.super.schroeder@gmail.com 540-977-1541 
Vendor Coordinator    Kevin O'Leary  rvalpacas@aol.com  603-616-6010
Website   Amy Yoste   amy.yoste@gmail.com 972-741-0382